Who are Teachmatic?

Teachmatic is a UK software company based in Hove, England. We build innovative software products to make the lives of other developers easier. We don’t spend much time over here so to learn more about what we do (and look at some prettier websites) please visit our product pages below.

Our Products

QuotaGuard Static/Statica

Statica LogoWe spend most of our time developing and looking after our Static IP solution for cloud applications. Available on Heroku, cloudControl and direct from us it was originally called QuotaGuard Static but that was a bit of a mouthful so we’re calling it Statica from now on.

It is currently used by over 500 developers and companies around the world and handles millions of requests every day. For more details visit QuotaGuard.com or Statica.io.


quotaguard-200x300QuotaGuard was our first Software as a Service product to help other developers on the Heroku platform access Google Maps free APIs without having all their free quota used up by other apps sharing their Heroku IP address.

It is still used by hundreds of clients and is fully supported by us but is not under active development. For more details visit QuotaGuard.com.